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What are the best and worst things that come with being a Lions fan?

Let’s get deep.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions fandom comes with many ups and downs. Often, you head into the season with plenty of hope and some fun, exciting moments along the way, only to be let down by yet another unsuccessful season. But we keep coming back.

So I pose this question for all of you.

What are the best and the worst parts about being a Detroit Lions fan?

My answer: I’ll start with the bad so as not to end on a depressing note. The most obvious answer here is simply the heartbreak that comes with being a Lions fan. I had the opportunity to go to three home games as credentialed media in 2017. Those three games were the 10-second runoff game against the Falcons, the “Sunday Night Football” game against the Steelers and Thanksgiving against the Vikings. So much pain.

Despite the heartbreak and lack of results, there are so many different things that I love when it comes to Lions fandom. First and foremost, the fans are fantastic. Sure, they can be a little over the top and they can piss me off a little with their antics, but every fanbase has that. Getting to interact with other Lions fans at events, training camp and at games is always a wonderful time, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

As most of you already know, I’m also a big fan of the NFL offseason. To me, this is always when hope is at its highest—and this is especially true for being a Lions fan. New acquisitions are made, young players are drafted, and suddenly the kool-aid starts to set in as if this is the year. I could also argue that the offseason is simultaneously the best and the worst because of the brutally long wait for real football.

Though they may not have lasted long, the Lions have given me many moments I’ll never forget over the past decade or so. The Stafford fake-spike. The shoulder injury game winning throw against the Browns. All of the fourth-quarter comeback wins years ago. The hail mary throw against the Titans.

Lastly, being a Lions fan is a way to spend more time with my family and family is everything.