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Detroit Lions still in the dark regarding “Hard Knocks” status

The Lions still have no idea if they’ll be featured on “Hard Knocks” or not.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

By this time last year, we already knew the Cleveland Browns would be featured on the HBO training camp documentary series “Hard Knocks.” In fact, in the past four year, we already knew the identity of the “Hard Knocks” team by this point in the season:

The conundrum, as it is every year, is that no team wants to be featured. “Hard Knocks” is invasive, distracting and some coaches argue that it could potentially reveal heavy-guarded strategies to their opponents.

That’s why the NFL developed a set of rules to make it so certain teams could not turn down “Hard Knocks.” If a team does not have a rookie coach, hasn’t made the playoffs in the past two years and hasn’t been featured on “Hard Knocks” in the past 10 years, they must accept the “Hard Knocks” invitation if given.

The Detroit Lions are one of five teams that can’t say no, but according to head coach Matt Patricia, they still haven’t heard anything.

“I have no information,” Patricia said in his Tuesday presser. “I’ve been told absolutely nothing as far as that’s concerned. The organization has been told nothing as far as that’s concerned.”

Rumors have been swirling over the past couple days that the Lions are one of the remaining teams still being considered. The 49ers have reportedly been ruled out. There was a report that Washington may not be in the running any longer, however that was quickly pulled. The other teams in consideration—the Raiders and Giants—haven’t heard much of anything either.

Patricia isn’t sure how being featured on “Hard Knocks” would change how he would conduct team operations or alter Lions training camp, but admits he may seek a little help from those who had experience with the HBO show.

“I probably at that point, would probably reach out to some of the coaches that have been on that before and see what they think,” Patricia said. “But right now for us, again, we’ll worry about it if we have to worry about it.”