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Saturday Open Thread: Who’s your LEAST favorite NFL Player?

SPOILER ALERT: The correct and only acceptable answer is Aaron Rodgers.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Revenge Week across the SB Nation NFL blogs. This week you’ll see a bunch of coverage regarding potential revenge games in 2019 or other revenge-related content.

He makes your blood boil. The mere thought of him and you’re ready to boo and hiss... even if he randomly pops into your mind in line at the grocery store resulting in fellow patrons thinking you’re a little crazy (this may or may not be a real life experience). He’s your anti-Lion. The guy you have nightmares about in which you lose a bet and have to don his jersey while your friends point, laugh and post pictures on social media. It’s your least favorite NFL player.

We won’t waste much more of your time. In fact, if you took time to read the instructions to this test Mr. Mallory has already given you the answer. Congratulations, you got 100 percent. Slap this on your fridge.

It’s Aaron Rodgers:

PGA: AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am - Third Round Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a gumbo of reasons which could make someone your least favorite player and Rodgers checks all the boxes. Rival team? Check. A bit of a jerk (on and off the field)? Yep. Inferior State Farm commercials (Chris Paul, the Rockets and Oscar from the Office pwn you in the State Farm Commercial Wars). And let’s not forget his multiple snarky remarks over the years toward our Lions.

But if we are being honest another key ingredient is the jealousy factor. Let’s be big boys and look at ourselves in the mirror. He’s been on a very successful team that we’d love to trade circumstances with, has had great success individually and has been a huge part of some of the most soul crushing Lions losses in recent memory (Week 17, 2014 and the Hail Mary games still make me cry at night). After all, Jay Cutler fits most of the other criteria and we dislike him, but not THIS much.

Hopefully the recent successes the Lions have had against the Packers last season carry over to this year and beyond. I keep the clip of Da’Shawn Hand brutalizing Rodgers on a constant loop on every screen in my house... including my stove and microwave’s tiny little screens. I’ll try to be a little more open minded though. Perhaps you have another NFL foe you’d like to mention? Or maybe if Rodgers is such a consensus pick... who is #2 on your least favorite list. Let the hate flow through your veins!

Your turn...

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