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Thursday open thread: Do you wish NFL free agency was more like the NBA?

Would you love it or hate it if the players dictated NFL free agency?

Orlando Magic v Detroit Pistons Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA free agency period this offseason could best described by one word:


But as a fan, it also brings an entirely new world of intrigue and excitement.

There is no franchise tag in the NBA, which means big-time players swap teams like it’s part of the job. This year alone the NBA saw two stars from this year’s NBA finals depart for new teams. Kevin Durant left the Warriors to join the Nets and Kawhi Leonard left Toronto after winning a championship.

Can you imagine if Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers were able to just swap teams?

The reality is that the NFL is a completely different animal.

The NFL is a team-driven league so the comparison is tough. There are stars in the NFL, no doubt, but even the best player will struggle to bring a championship team. And even when you compile “stars” it doesn’t always work out.

Remember the “dream team?”

All of this brings me to today’s question of the day:

Do you wish NFL free agency was like the NBA?

My answer: No. One the on hand, I would love the excitement that would come from that type of offseason, but as I fan I get attached to players and I want to see them succeed—with my team.

I also enjoy the team-building aspect of the NFL. It’s not always the most talented teams that win, but the best-built and best-coached teams.

And maybe most importantly, it would destroy the parity that makes the NFL so great.

It’s tough to get excited about what the Pistons have going on right now, but there’s ALWAYS hope with the Lions.

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