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Saturday Open Thread: Who will be the SCARIEST player for the Lions in 2019?

Who’s gonna give opposing teams nightmares every Saturday night?

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

In years past, the Fourth of July was synonymous with a huge blockbuster movie hitting the big screen. From Will Smith in Independence Day to Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man, it was time to head to local theater and enjoy 2 hours of action, excitement and overpriced butter with a hint popcorn.

This year’s entertainment choice gave us a strong at-home option with Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” The sci-fi alien series with a flare for nostalgia uses all the exploits to creep you out and make you long for the “good ole days”. In honor of the hit TV Show we look to see which player on the Lions will give opposing teams nightmares similar to that of a Demogorgan (Google what that is if you don’t know, but make sure to do it when it’s light outside).

Years past have offered some obvious choices. Think of being a rival team on a Saturday night before the big game and you know in a few hours your job is to stop Barry Sanders. Maybe you’re a cornerback and you’ll be lined up against Calvin Johnson. Or a journeyman offensive linemen struggling to stay on the team and you have go head up against Ndamukong Suh. Scary times. 2019’s Lions might not have the obvious names but one guy I think will emerge to give opposing teams nightmares showed us a glimpse last year.

Carolina Panthers v Detroit Lions
BOO! Did you jump?
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Scary-on Johnson? Scary Kerry? Okay, those nicknames suck, but you get the point. Kerryon Johnson is primed to be the scariest player on the Lions in 2019. His rookie year was more than promising, it was outright impactful. When Patriots and Dolphins fans and players recount their loss to Detroit last year, Kerryon will be the guy that’s wearing the mummy outfit giving them the creeps.

With Darrell Bevell as coordinator, most expect the the run game to be the focal point of the team. The only aspect that might give Lions fans fear with our second-year wonder is if he can stay healthy for the majority of the year. His rookie year was shortened with injury and he had his fair share of issues in Auburn as well. But it’s the NFL, injuries happen. With a stroke of good health it’s easy to envision Kerryon Johnson wreaking havoc on all who play the Lions.

There’s a few good candidates for this title of scariest Lion player in 2019... who’s your pick?

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