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Sunday open thread: Should Matthew Stafford play in the Detroit Lions’ next preseason game?

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Stafford needs reps, but is it worth it against the Texans?

Detroit Lions v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are in the middle of a mini-crisis when it comes to their quarterback situation. With Tom Savage currently out with a concussion, the Lions are scrambling to find a backup quarterback worth fielding for the 2019 season. There’s always a chance Savage is ready by the season’s start, but given his daunting concussion history, it’s far from guaranteed.

As a result, the Lions signed Josh Johnson, a quarterback who has found 12 different NFL teams throughout his career, but only started in eight career games. He’ll have to play catch up extremely fast if he wants a legitimate crack at the team’s backup spot, even though David Fales has looked rough throughout camp

But let’s turn the focus back to Matthew Stafford. The Lions rested Stafford during Saturday’s practice—a pre-planned move, according to the Detroit News. While that’s a new wrinkle for Stafford, it may make some sense. Stafford has been beat up his entire Lions career and has probably earned a veteran day off or two.

However, he’s also learning a new offense and could probably use every rep he could get—including some live action in the preseason games. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Should Matthew Stafford play in the Lions’ Week 2 preseason game vs. the Texans?

My answer: Probably not. As much as I don’t really want to watch an entire game with David Fales and Josh Johnson, I really don’t want to see any of those two taking the field during the regular season.

We saw just how rough the offensive line play was on Thursday, and I don’t want Stafford to stand behind those guys until absolutely necessary. Give him maybe a quarter of action in Game 3, and leave it at that. He’ll get some good competition next week during joint practices, anyways. Plus, Johnson undoubtedly needs the live-game reps a lot more than Stafford at this point.

Take it easy for another week, Stafford, even if it means we have to endure another ugly performance from the offense next week.

Your turn.


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