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Breaking down what the Detroit Lions’ 31-3 preseason loss means (if anything)


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New England Patriots v Detroit Lions Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

We all saw what happened on Thursday night, when the Detroit Lions dropped an egg in their preseason opener against the New England Patriots. But like many philosophers before us, we’ve spent the days since wondering simply, “WHAT DOES IT ALL MEEEEEEEEAN?”

This week, the Pride of Detroit PODcast tries to unravel the preseason performance and try to extrapolate what that may mean for the Lions’ 2018 season. Sure, it’s easy to say, “It’s just the preseason,” but it’s hard to deny how much Thursday’s performance resembled last year’s preseason games, which warned us of the impending doom for the months ahead.

So the PODcast crew goes a little deeper in their analysis. Sure, not everything matters in a game in which most of the team’s starters doesn’t play, but you probably can’t throw everything out, either. So what does it mean? How worried should you be? What positives can we take?

We answer all of those questions on this week’s episode of the PODcast.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • The boo birds were out early? Lions fans have a short fuse. Can Matt Patricia avoid another slow start?
  • Was the Lions’ depth a mirage?
  • We break down just how worried fans should be about the offensive line, which allowed nine sacks on Thursday.
  • Injury fallout. Can anyone replace Jermaine Kearse’s versatility? What can we make of the Lions’ backup quarterback battle with Tom Savage in concussion protocol? Kenny Wiggins demoted or flashing his versatility at right tackle?
  • Mailbag talks about best movie soundtracks, Miles Killebrew conspiracy theories, and, yeah, a little Colin Kaepernick too.

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