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Saturday open thread: Who are you keying in on for Lions vs. Texans?

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Who’s getting your personal spotlight?

NFL: Preseason-New England Patriots at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason is a time for evaluation. We all get excited to get a glimpse of returning players, newly-signed guys and, especially, rookies. We’ve hopped on and, in some cases, even conducted plenty of Hype Trains. Remember the Ameer Abdullah frenzy? What about Dwayne Washington coming out of nowhere? Or our beloved Jace Billingsley?

Personally, there are plenty of options for players to key in on. For me, I like to take a look at rookies first, followed by guys fighting for their NFL lives. Those should be the hardest working players during exhibition season. And of course, we hate to rank the level of importance of one's health with another but let’s be honest... when a player goes down we often look intently to see what jersey number it is, hoping it’s not a projected key contributor. But for Saturday night’s game against the Texans, I’m keying in on someone that doesn’t really fit any of these categories.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington
Johnson was called on to start several games in Washington last year.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Pride, Josh Johnson. After Tom Savage’s injury (concussion), the Lions were quick to bring in another quarterback. Josh Johnson has been around for a while. He’s the definition of an NFL journeyman (15 different teams when including offseason or practice squad participation). Unlike the NBA, the best players typically don’t bounce around like this, but he still is intriguing—especially for this team. Whereas some would place him in the category of fighting for his NFL life, I don’t. I think he’s here to stay in Detroit in some capacity.

For starters... have you seen David Fales play? At this point with Savage out, Johnson is Detroit’s only backup quarterback with much of anything to offer. I don’t feel comfortable with Fales coming in a game if Detroit was up 35 with 30 seconds left, and he has to simply kneel down three times. Something could still go wrong.

We need Johnson to look capable. Even if Savage does return (and it might be unlikely as he has had concussion issues before) I’m hoping Johnson could supplant Fales and at least be the Lions’ third-string QB. But I have a feeling he’s going to end up being Matthew Stafford’s primary backup, so let’s hope he looks good.

Lastly, the kid in me has always wanted a QB in Detroit with a little speed. Even if just as a backup, it would be fun to watch and even mix up a few plays for him. Johnson is getting up there in age (33) but is still considered a threat with his legs.

The Lions’ new offense seems to have more trick plays involving even Stafford moving around, so an extra QB with versatility would be nice. Realistically, this part doesn’t matter. It would be nice to simply have a solid QB to back up Number 9, but sports are supposed to be fun, enjoyable. And that little wrinkle adds to my enjoyment when a quarterback has some speed. Ultimately, I just want someone I can at least slightly trust if called on. So tonight, I’m focusing on the guy throwing who is not Mr. Fales (Sorry, not sorry).

Who are you keying in on for Lions vs. Texans?