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Former Lions TE Michael Roberts undergoes shoulder surgery, opens up about depression

The former Lions tight end is going through a full rebuild—physically and mentally.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a terribly rough offseason for former Detroit Lions fourth-round pick Michael Roberts. The young tight end was finally hoping to turn around his NFL career after injury and disappointing play tainted his first two years with the Lions.

Unfortunately for Roberts, he was traded to the New England Patriots for a conditional pick before training camp even started.

But that was just the beginning of the bad news for Roberts. Once in New England, he failed his physical, returning him to the Lions. Then Detroit decided to simply waive him. And just as thing looked like they may be looking up for Roberts, he was claimed by the Packers only to fail another physical with Green Bay a couple days later.

Since then, we haven’t heard anything from Roberts. His social media accounts have been graveyards, he hasn’t spoken to media about what’s going on, and fans were just left to wonder what happened to the once-promising Michael Roberts.

But Roberts broke his silence Tuesday night with this Instagram post:

Roberts says he has undergone reconstruction surgery for his left shoulder—the same shoulder that landed him on injured reserve late last season.

But Roberts didn’t want to just share an update on his physical health, he also shared how much of a toll this offseason has had on him mentally.

“After the reconstruction surgery of my left shoulder this morning and the field full of emotions I’ve had these last couple months have been crazy!” Roberts wrote on Instagram. “I’ve faced depression, weight gain, huge feeling of unworthiness, uncertainty and so much more.”

But after the surgery, Roberts is ready to start anew.

“BUT NOW God (h)as put me in a position to REBUILD and that’s what I’m here to do,” Roberts wrote. “I’ve been so closed off and distant from pretty much everyone close to me. When I say rebuild I mean completely. My mentality, my happiness, my efforts, my open mindedness, my love for myself❤️ and every thing/one and a over all reconnection and openness that I once had and shared with the world.”

We wish Roberts the best of luck in his full rebuild and hope this isn’t the last we’ve heard of him—whether it means as a football player or whatever else he pursues.