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The Rowe Report: Detroit Lions preseason 2019, football’s back baby!

We’re back baby!!!!!

Football’s back, and that means The Rowe Report is, too!

The Detroit Lions suffered a brutal 31-3 loss to the New England Patriots on their home turf in the first preseason game, then lost 30-23 to the Texans down in Houston in the next.

But that’s okay, I’m still here to entertain.

In this edition of The Rowe Report:

  • Some things I’d like to point out about the first two games
  • Someone in a Lions jersey did make it to the end zone
  • The current buzz: Should Matthew Stafford play in the preseason?
  • New to the RR: Segments! With terrible pun names. This week: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Not repeating last season’s opener against a rookie

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Kellie Rowe is a contributor from Fox 2 News.