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Bold prediction of the week: Luis Perez balls out like he’s still in the AAF

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The Lions haven’t kept three quarterbacks on the roster in several years. Can Luis Perez end that streak with a strong performance Thursday?

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Luis Perez grabbed headlines in the early weeks of the now-former Alliance of American Football in February, when he balled out and drew attention to his unique story — a former bowler who learned to play quarterback via YouTube videos and somehow ended up landing a spot at Texas A&M Commerce.

Perez spent time with the Rams as their third-string quarterback in 2018 but failed to stick. However, just like anyone else who breathes the same air as Rams head coach Sean McVay, Perez was suddenly an offensive machine.

Bold prediction of the week: Luis Perez balls out enough to stick to the practice squad or land on another roster

I found myself tempted to predict that Perez could play his way into a roster spot and fulfill the prophecy of Wednesday’s question of the day, but found it to be too far-fetched. He has a week under his belt with the team and it’s the fourth preseason game; even the best performances only carry so much weight.

That being said, he has tons of upside. That’s not to say he’ll shine every snap, but if he can show glimpses of being able to grasp the offense efficiently, it could put the right impression on the right people.

It’s important to remember that as good as Perez was in the AAF, the Rams did cut him and he failed to stick with the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this season as well, so a practice squad spot would indeed be quite the achievement for Perez based on a single week’s performance.

Working in Perez’s favor is also the fact that Matt Patricia and Darrell Bevell are pushing for a run-heavy offense. Perez was complemented by a Trent Richardson-led ground-and-pound offense with the Birmingham Iron that frequently led to stacked boxes on opposing defenses. Perhaps that can give him the comfort and the edge he needs to make a push on Thursday night for a practice squad spot.