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Friday open thread: Do you feel better, worse, or the same after the final preseason game?

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Let’s get on to the real stuff.

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Well... that was a game of football. Just like that, the 2019 preseason is finally behind us and real football is less only nine days away. The Detroit Lions did not look super impressive during the four-game August slate, but the standings are the last place anyone should look during the preseason.

There were a few highlights, but probably more frustrations, and there are definitely a bunch of question marks which still remain. Some of those uncertainties will be made clear via roster cuts this weekend, but a lot of questions will not be answered until the team takes the field in Arizona.

As for Thursday night’s affair, not many Lions stood out in Cleveland. The fourth preseason game is a chance for players along the roster bubble to make their last impression, but there were no absolutely stand-out performances. The coaching staff will have some tough decisions to get this roster down to 53.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Do you feel better, worse, or the same after the final game of the preseason?

My answer: I think we all should feel better with the preseason finally over and the real Week 1 directly ahead of us. While Detroit was able to avoid catastrophic injuries (sorry, Jermaine Kearse), any missed games by Jarrad Davis or Frank Ragnow will certainly have an impact on the early season. The biggest goal of every preseason is to get through healthy, and the Lions did not quite accomplish that.

Otherwise, I am not sure there is anything that was super exciting about the preseason finale. The offense was shut out in the first half and the defense was not exactly dominant despite holding the Browns in check. Without any starters—and even a lot of backups—seeing the field at all, it can be difficult to draw any real conclusions, but it would have been nice to at least have something positive to hold onto heading into next week.


How do you feel about the Lions after Preseason Week 4?

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    A little worse
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    A lot worse
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