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Sunday open thread: Which surprise player could play themselves onto the final roster?

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It’s not going to be Jay Lee.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Every year there are some surprise cuts or perhaps a player that makes the final roster that not many expected to make it that far. Last year, it was Bradley Marquez who shocked many by making the initial 53-man roster, though he was waived a week later. There are a lot of close battles happening at the bottom of the depth chart at various positions and the roster appears to have more depth across the board than a year ago.

Guys like Kevin Strong, Mitchell Loewen, Garret Dooley, C.J. Moore and Miles Killebrew are all impressing right now and though they might be on the outside looking in, there is a real chance that they could stick.

What player could be a surprise addition to the final roster?

My answer: For me, I believe that Mitchell Loewen is really starting to play his way onto the roster and could surprise a lot of people by making the final cut. He’s had a tremendous camp and has made the most out of his opportunities. If the Lions do decide to keep Loewen, that likely means they either decided to keep nine defensive linemen, or made a tough decision to cut someone like Eric Lee or P.J. Johnson.

I really like C.J. Moore’s chances as well. Matt Patricia loves to use his safeties and may elect to keep five. Quandre Diggs and Tracy Walker are obvious locks and it’s unlikely that the Lions would send their third-round pick, Will Harris, to the practice squad. That leaves Andrew Adams, Charles Washington, Tavon Wilson and Moore. The safety position is as stacked as it’s ever been for the Lions, so this leaves a real tough decision to make.

I think Adams has performed the best out of that bunch and is inching closer to that fourth or fifth safety spot. Washington offers the most value on special teams, but hasn’t stood out as much as someone like Moore or Wilson on defense. Wilson knows the defense well, but Moore offers more youth and has performed well as a deep safety in camp.

Your turn.