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Detroit Lions training camp Day 9 live updates

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The Lions are back at it, and so are we.

NFL: AUG 01 Detroit Lions Training Camp Photo by Allan Dranberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Detroit Lions had just their second day off on Saturday, but they’re back to work this Sunday for Day 9 of training camp. It’s a grueling schedule for the players, but necessary to get them into shape before September’s season opener.

With the New England Patriots coming to town on Monday, and the Lions headed to Houston for some practice the following week, this will be one of the last training camp days in which the Lions have to themselves. Will they tone it down to prepare for the Patriots or are the days of slower practices over?

We shall see when the time comes. The team moved the practice back a little bit on Sunday, so things won’t get started until 10 a.m. ET. Per usual, we’ll have staff on had at Allen Park on Sunday. I’ll be there—you can follow me @DetroitOnLion (and @PrideOfDetroit) on Twitter.

You can follow along with live updates using our handy, dandy Twitter List below: