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Detroit Lions, New England Patriots joint practices live updates

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Live updates from the Lions’ first joint practice with the Patriots.

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s joint-practice day at Allen Park this Monday morning. The Detroit Lions and New England Patriots are slated to face off against each other for the first of three straight practice in the lead up to Thursday’s preseason opener at Ford Field.

It should be a day of fun, excitement and intense competition, and we are going to try to give you every bit of coverage you desire.

Per usual, we’ll be live-tweeting the practice through our Twitter account (@PrideOfDetroit), but for those of you that don’t do Twitter or just love us too much to leave this site, we have an embedded Twitter list below full of media member on hand at Allen Park who are also providing live updates.

Injury updates? We’ll have them. Big play alert! We’re all over it. Tom Brady drinking the blood of infants to preserve his body? No comment.

So stick along here and feel free to chat in the comment section below.

I’ve added a few Patriots writers to the Twitter list to hopefully get some balanced coverage in the feed.

(If you don’t see the Twitter list below, click here)