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Graham Glasgow: Joe Dahl is ‘good enough to start in this league’

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Joe Dahl got high praise from his teammate on Wednesday.

Cleveland Browns v Detroit Lions

Tuesday night, reports dropped that Detroit Lions guard Joe Dahl had received a two-year extension, keeping him locked up through the 2021 season. Given all of the other players that may be due an extension, it was interesting to see Dahl—who has only started four games in the NFL—get the priority.

Being a fifth-round pick and coming from a school like Washington State that didn’t run a very pro-style friendly offense, it was always known that Dahl was going to be a bit of a project. And while he’s never won a starting job in his first three years in Detroit, fellow Lions guard Graham Glasgow thinks he’s ready now.

“I think he’s good enough to start in this league,” Glasgow said on Wednesday. “I think he’s doing a good job of what we’re doing right now in our rotations. So I’m very proud of Joe.”

Currently Dahl is in a position battle with veteran Kenny Wiggins for the starting left guard job. Though he’s mostly repping with the second team during practice, he’s also received a significant amount of time working with the first-string offense.

But even if Dahl doesn’t end up winning the job over Wiggins, he still brings value to the team in his versatility. This offseason, he’s taken reps at every interior position, and he brings plenty of experience from his college days as a tackle. Glasgow noted just how unique of a talent that is.

“Knowing what everybody does on every play is not as difficult as knowing how everybody is supposed to do every play,” Glasgow said. “Knowing the techniques of everything is different.”

Glasgow currently finds himself in an oddly similar situation. Brought up in the same draft class as Dahl, Glasgow may also be seeking an extension with the team—though he deferred to general manager Bob Quinn on that topic.

He, too, is battling for a position on the starting offensive line, despite the fact that he has started every game over the past two seasons and missed just a single offensive snap.

“It’s a competition and I approach it as such,” Glasgow said. “Whether (it’s my starting job) or it isn't, that’s not up for me to decide. I go out there and just try to make it apparent that I’m the starter.”