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Bold prediction of the week: Joe Dahl proves himself worthy of new contract

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The Lions rewarded interior lineman Joe Dahl with a two-year extension this week. Can he make a splash to prove his worth?

Cleveland Browns v Detroit Lions


That’s right, it’s officially Lions gameday, and that means the return of your favorite Pride of Detroit series: bold prediction of the week. For those unfamiliar, each week I’ll make a bold prediction about the upcoming game. I try to keep them positive, but sometimes I’ll sprinkle in some negativity — expect this to be a middle ground between the homers and the SOL crowd. With that, let’s get to this season’s first bold prediction of the week.

Bold prediction of the week: Joe Dahl proves worthy of his contract, plays into starting spot.

Joe Dahl has never been a particularly stellar offensive lineman, but his versatility is highly coveted.

His ability to play anywhere along the interior (plus fullback) is not something you typically see, and it affords the Lions the flexibility to construct their offensive line to be the most successful in the event of an injury, something that has plagued Lions interior lineman for many of the last several seasons.

Thus far in training camp, Dahl has been playing alongside Oday Aboushi while Kenny Wiggins and Graham Glasgow operate together, each pair rotating in between the ones and the twos.

Perhaps it was more than just Dahl’s versatility that swayed the Lions to extend him during training camp; if Dahl has shown an elevated level of play compared to last season, he could be in contention for a starting job along the interior (likely at left guard). With so many bodies in the mix, all it takes is one good game for Dahl to potentially cement himself with the ones and silence all the critics of his contract extension.

How the Lions arrange their offensive line for Thursday night’s game against the Patriots is still to be determined, but all it takes for Dahl is success at one of his many positions to improve his standing moving forward.