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Lions vs. Chargers: 5 questions with Bolts from the Blue

Let’s learn about Philip Rivers and his 52 children.

Here we are, Lions fans. It’s Week 2. Last week the Lions went down to the desert and kissed their sisters repeatedly until they tied the Cardinals 27-27. This week they’re welcoming Target stock picture frame model Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers to town for their home opener.

So with that in mind, we set out to find out all that we can about the Chargers by asking our friend Richard Wade from Bolts From The Blue to answer some of our questions. But first, let me tell you the things I know about the Chargers

I don’t know much. When I think of the Chargers, I think of two things. The first is the time I went to San Diego on my way to Mexico. Over the course of five days I saw a man die, almost went to Mexican prison, saw an shirtless, oiled-up Native American man working the door at a bar, and had my car broken into. Now that’s a trip.

The other thing is this.

Oh yeah, I also know that the Lions are 4-7 all time against the Chargers. The last time the two teams played the Lions blew a halftime lead and lost 33-28. The time before that was the night the Lions ended their 10+ year old streak of missing the playoffs with a big 38-10 win over the Chargers at home in 2011. Previous to that, the Lions hadn’t beaten the Chargers at home since 1978—interestingly enough, that’s the weekend the original “Halloween” was released. That has nothing to do with the Chargers, but what a cool fact, right?

Alright Richard, take it away.

The Chargers are missing some key defensive pieces, how will that affect things for them?

“Well, it’s affecting things in a bad way so far. Without Derwin James’ sure tackling, the defense is going to continue to give up big plays in the run game and short passing game. The losses of cornerbacks Trevor Williams and Michael Davis have left the team scrambling to sign street free agents this week that will be forced to suit up in Detroit. Defensive end Isaac Rochell’s concussion has the chance to keep him out of the game this weekend as well, leaving the team to rely up the likes of Chris Peace behind their big two of Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. The defense is thinner and less talented than they otherwise would have been and that could be a real problem.”

Would you put the “Super Chargers” song up against the “Super Bowl Shuffle” or “Ram It” any day of the week?

“San Diego Super Chargers is inarguably one of the greatest songs of all time and the saddest thing about my hometown team relocating to Los Angeles was that we lost that song.”

Who’s the under-the-radar player the Lions have to watch out for?

“Since nobody on the offense really qualifies as under the radar right now, I’ll give you a guy on the defensive side of the ball. Second-year linebacker Kyzir White is, to put it simply, a playmaker. He is an outstanding athlete and an instinctive, technically sound defender. You’ll find him right in the center of the defense, so that will make it easy to watch him.”

When Philip Rivers isn’t having kids, is he still a major threat on the field?

Philip Rivers in 2019 appears to be as good as Philip Rivers at any other point in his career. His ability to read the field and make accurate passes down the field despite having terrible protection upfront continues to amaze me each and every week. He is as good as anyone I’ve seen play not named Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, and the only thing that prevents people from realizing that is that he has consistently been on poorly-coached teams with massive holes in the roster. We are now going on over a decade of not seeing a Chargers team with a competent offensive line.”

Who’s winning this thing?

“I hate to say it, but I like the Lions in this one. When I went down the schedule before the season, I had the Chargers going 12-4 with this game being one of the losses. Nothing I saw last week has changed my mind about that, though I am less bullish on the 12 wins part.”

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