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Will the injuries sink the Los Angeles Chargers vs. the Detroit Lions?

We get the Chargers point of view for the Lions Week 2 matchup.

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Indianapolis Colts v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

It’s not often you see a team as banged up as the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 2 of the regular season, but that’s just how things always seem to go for Lightning Bolts.

This week, the Detroit Lions are going to look to take advantage of a short-handed Chargers team where they couldn’t with the Arizona Cardinals last week. Will they be able to take advantage? Where are the Chargers the most vulnerable? And what did we learn from Week 1 of the NFL season?

Our 30-minute First Byte podcast aims to answer all of those questions this week. To aid us in those goals, we enlisted the help of Garrett Sisti, writer for SB Nation blog Bolts from the Blue and host of Chargers podcast Lightning Round. He helps us break down who will be in, who will be out, and if the Chargers can survive this early wave of injuries.

This week on First Byte:

  • The Chargers stood pat this offseason: Are they good enough or did they neglect some positions of need?
  • The Colts ran all over the Chargers: Are the Lions primed to do it, too?
  • Does anyone in LA miss Melvin Gordon right now?
  • Garrett breaks down the key matchups between the Lions and Chargers, and he predicts another big day for T.J. Hockenson.
  • Will either team fix their left tackle woes this week?

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