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Bold prediction of the week: Crosby cements himself at left tackle

Tyrell Crosby struggled mightily in the preseason; will Sunday be any different?

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

There has been a lot of talk over the last week about what to do with the Taylor Decker situation. After a stellar rookie year, Decker missed half of his sophomore campaign with injury and was never the same. A full season back in 2018 failed to find any sign of rookie Decker, and one game into 2019 things don’t look any more promising.

To make matters worse, the Lions’ starting left tackle is likely out on Sunday against the Chargers, who boast (or should I say Bosa) one of the league’s best pass-rushing duos in Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa.

Bold prediction of the week: Tyrell Crosby ignites a left tackle controversy on Sunday

Y’all better be rooting for me this week, because if Crosby doesn’t make this come true, it’s gonna be a long day for Lions fans. The Lions gave up three sacks and lots of pressures to a below average Cardinals defense in Week 1 with their starting offensive line. Melvin Ingram must be drooling at the thought of playing against a backup.

I’m calling no sacks and at most two pressures from Crosby the entire day, which would be quite the feat against Ingram and Bosa.

That being said, Tyrell Crosby is very much a wild card. He had a strong showing as a reserve lineman during his rookie campaign out of Oregon, where he was originally touted as a potential first-round left tackle but a nerve issue with his foot slid him way down the draft boards.

This preseason has been a different story, however. Crosby missed time on the field due to what appeared to be a concussion and when he did see the field, he did as much protecting the quarterback as he did when he was off of it.

Let’s all join together as a Lions fan base in hoping that Crosby’s preseason was a fluke, and his strong 2018 showings were a sign of what’s to come Sunday.