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Detroit Lions vs. Los Angeles Chargers: First half open thread

Can the Lions bounce back after a disappointing Week 1?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions are at home, and they’re looking for a more warm welcome than last week in Arizona. Detroit got off to a hot start in the desert, but the heat caught up with them and a lowly finish against the Cardinals saw an 18-point deficit evaporate into a disappointing tie.

To get a tally on the winning end, the Lions will have to give it their all against a Los Angeles Chargers team that was able to finish the job last week against the Colts in overtime. The Chargers are coming off an impressive 12-4 season, and their hopes are only higher this year.

That being said, both teams are a little banged up and extremely vulnerable. Which team is better equipped to exploit those weaknesses? Who will make fewer mistakes on Sunday? And, god forbid, are the Detroit Lions capable of playing a full four quarters?

Come watch the game with us and chat in our first half open thread.