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WATCH LIVE: Join us Sunday for PODcast Live, our new Twitch simulcast

Worlds collide, domination continues, “Africa” keeps playing and you probably still hate me.

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New York Jets v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

In a world of podcasts, Lions and PODcasts, only one stands above as your authority on all three: THE Pride of Detroit PODcast. Lawsuits sent by Ohio State will be sent to my cat’s litter box.

The Lions are undefeated, and more importantly they just picked up their first win on the season; both of these statements are factually true and you can’t stop me now. You know for a fact we will discuss this on the PODcast, and like a trusty friend it will be there for you Monday morning.

But what if you could have it earlier? What if, hear me out, you could watch a

Well at that point it might be radio, but not if we include video in here too. Folks, that’s a simulcast, and that’s fancy. That’s really fancy and that’s what we’re doing.

So join us on Sunday, Sept. 15 at 8 pm ET as we launch the first edition ofPODcast Live on our vaunted Twitch channel, where you can be part of an effort to fight back all the game-playing nerds and talk about the football game. Join us on Twitch and use the chat to join the show.

As part of the PODcast Live live studio audience, you can submit your questions in real time. This will replace our AskPOD mailbag post during the season itself. You can still submit mailbag questions at any time using the hashtag #AskPOD on Twitter. We’ll also read your questions and comments during our regular segments, so you’ll be able to shape the content in real-time.

Just think, you could be insulting your host at any point, not just after the fact.

As always, the PODcast, First Byte and so much more is available for free, 24/7, to anyone who subscribes on their favorite podcasting platform.

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