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PODcast celebrates, hedges a Lions win

Sloppy and daredevil, but when you put it in the win column it’s enough on the day. Let’s PODcast.

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you just fly in banged up and bruised and all worse for year, and maybe that’s good enough. You’re just hanging on with a foul breath but as long as the boss don’t smell it you’re fine.

That’s where we are with this Lions victory. We’re still going to play “Africa” and all, but maybe make a trip to the restroom to wash your face and hide the bags under your eyes, yeah? This was a rough one, but pretty fun.

For PODcast, this was also our first foray into a live digital audience by simulcasting on our Twitch channel. A lot more dynamic stuff, a lot more chances for hijinks and fun and everything that makes our PODcast special. Let’s go.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Yeah but in hindsight, maybe not a great indicator for the future of the team’s season.
  • In the monologues, we explain our fears and hopes for what was different from this game and the Cardinals tie.
  • Position report cards get a little rough—especially for special teams.
  • Is Tyrell Crosby actually better than Taylor Decker for the offensive line?
  • Darius Slay was really good this game—but you wouldn’t know it looking at the box score. We explain why.
  • Thanks to Twitch chat, mailbag is back! We talk about Melvin Gordon’s ill-advised tweets, Ty Johnson, Trey Flowers, how to find hope (ANY HOPE AT ALL) against the Kansas City Chiefs and the best places to get hot dogs.