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PODcast previews the dang season already

We also break down the roster and everything else, it’s here baby actual real dang football.

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Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

You’re finally here.

It took the universe the better part of 30-some weeks, but September looms and football is there for you. It always was, strangeling of violence and entertainment that it is. Emanating from such is the Detroit Lions, and with that comes the PODcast.

We just needed some coffee.

The final roster count is in, and our crew has dissected the roll call in every which way imaginable. Once we’ve finished with that, we give our thoughts on the season that will soon to be; after that there shall be no mass predictions, only hard valuable truths to gleam.

Jeremy and I also give division picks, because that’s something we do as well. It’s the PODcast you know and love. It’s all there for your ears.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Hamza fills in for Ryan to break down the final 53-man roster.
  • We discuss which cuts were surprises and which make the most sense, which units are strongest and which have some flaws still moving forward.
  • Previewing the season: Hamza is bullish while I am bearish. This should be no surprise whatsoever.
  • Hamza argues against the tough schedule being a thing you should worry about.
  • Mailbag tackles fruit in cereal, future quarterbacks for the Detroit Lions franchise (and when to draft them), and scenarios for a hot start.
  • Jeremy and I pick division winners across the NFL...except for NFC North which has been redacted in favor of Jeremy’s horrible little staff polls.