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Saturday open thread: What’s your most ENJOYABLE Lions game ever?

The one that will never get away.

Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Hunter Martin/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images

With the Lions heading to Philadelphia tomorrow one can’t help but think of the infamous “Blizzard Bowl” between the two teams in 2013. It was amazing. From a couple of special teams touchdowns to Calvin Johnson’s amazing catch coming up from the ground covered in snow, it was pure entertainment for me. Some loved that game, others loathed it. Despite the loss, it’s still one of my personal most enjoyable games to watch.

But what is the top Lions game ever? A lot can be based on how long you’ve been watching. If you’re a newer fan... maybe the infamous Golden Tate Butt flip game vs. Minnesota in 2016 is your favorite. Maybe for those a little longer in the tooth as a Lions fan: Matthew Stafford’s 2013 quarterback dive to beat the Cowboys on a nearly record-breaking day for Calvin Johnson (329 yards) might be your choice. I’m not old enough to have enjoyed their glimmer of Super Bowl hope in 1991-92 making it to the NFC Championship Game, but my favorite game came not too long after that.

There I was. It’s 1997, and as a young Lions fan, hope for better days was alive and kicking. BEHOLD... Barry David Sanders. I’m convinced a huge sector of die-hard Lions fans in my age range (34) are so dedicated because of Barry. It seemed like every week there was another jaw dropping moment.


The 2,000-yard mark is still a legendary accomplishment to this day. Very few have done it. We haven’t seen one since Adrian Peterson in 2012. But when Barry etched his name in stone with the feat it was even more of a seemingly unreachable number. This game against the Jets was more of a coronation ceremony. Everyone knew this would be the day it happened.

As I sat there watching from my 13-inch TV sitting inside my Honolulu Blue and Silver-painted room, with my Sanders poster hanging high, I was on the edge of my seat with every run. Then it happened. And the man became an icon. I grabbed my packet of stickers after the game and placed 2053 on the poster (Sanders’ total rushing yards for the year).

I’ll spare you on elaborating on how we as Lions fans DON’T have championships, numerous division titles, etc. to include in our favorite memories. But we all are still here and have had some good times. So let’s hear it. What is your most ENJOYABLE Lions game?

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