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Detroit Lions vs. Philadelphia Eagles: What Just Happened?

A collection of thoughts on the Lions’ Week 3 win.

Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Every week, the Detroit Lions make you feel this way don’t they? Can’t we ever just have a nice Sunday where the Lions go out and decisively win a game? Maybe next week against the Chiefs, right? Anyhow, here we are after three weeks, and the Lions are still an undefeated team and have beaten two 2018 playoff teams in a row. Did anyone else think this would happen?

As always, I have thoughts on this game. These are those thoughts.

Patricia needs to learn how to ice a game

Yeah, I’m starting with a complaint after a win, but this one is beyond warranted. The Lions had the ball back in their own territory after forcing a turnover on downs on the previous play. Instead of going for the back-breaking touchdown off the arm of Matthew Stafford, they send Kerryon Johnson right up the middle on consecutive plays.

Then on third down they finally let Stafford throw the ball in the least creative way possible and fail to convert. Then they allow Matt Prater's field goal to get blocked. Just bad stuff compounding on top of bad stuff. How long can this go on?

I’m not saying that if you go down and take risks that the Lions score here and march off to victory more easily, but maybe they do. Maybe you then don’t have to worry about the Eagles getting another shot at beating the Lions with even less time on the clock. The Lions need to get better at this now because at the end of the day, it could cost them a win. You can argue that it already did in Arizona.

Hi, Jamal

Last week I came in this article series and said that the Lions need to move on from Jamal Agnew and John Bonamego. The latter is still very true, but, boy, did Jamal Agnew make a lot of people eat their words on Sunday.

My apologies, Jamal.

Agnew also had a 24-yard punt return later in the game. This was a solid outing for a kid that looked like he had fully regressed just a week ago when he was benched against Los Angeles.

Stafford and Golladay was not the connections you’ve grown to love

Matthew Stafford had been playing quite well this season before Sunday. Now it’s not to say that he was horrible. He didn’t commit any turnovers or anything. He even threw a fantastic touchdown pass. But he only completed 56.3 percent of his passes against an Eagles team that had allowed the second most passing yards and passing touchdowns in the league coming into this game.

A big reason this happened is because his number one receiver Kenny Golladay caught two passes on eight targets. He had, hands down, the worst game of his career out there. Dropped pass after dropped pass, and against a beat-up secondary, no less.

I can’t get too upset at either of these guys, though. Both have been on point together this season up until Sunday. But the Lions are not going to be able to escape games with a win every time these guys have a bad game.

Where is Hockenson?

Look, I get it. T.J. Hockenson is a rookie. He’s not going to get all the playing time that a veteran tight end would get. But here we are two games after Hockenson set the record for most receiving yards by a rookie tight end, and he’s caught exactly two passes in the last two games.

A case can be made that he’s helping out in the blocking world, but I, for one, find it odd that the Lions are not using this guy for his great pass-catching skills or his speed at the position. We’ll see where it goes from here.

Lions offensive line allows no sacks.

I don’t care what anyone says. The Lions offensive line responds to cookies. Who wouldn’t? Last week the Lions offensive line allowed no sacks on Matthew Stafford, and he went out and bought them cookies. On Sunday, they did it again. It’s time for more cookies, Matthew.

Fat man hurdle

Speaking of cookies, the only thing I like more than cookies is seeing another big man commit an athletic feat. Fullback Nick Bawden did that on Sunday when all 245 pounds of him hurdled an Eagles defender.

While Bawden is not Danny Vitale, I’m thoroughly impressed with his athleticism. Get this man some cookies, too!

Is your heart rate down now?

Okay, now that everyone is calmed down, we can talk about what things look like going forward. The Lions super hard opening schedule isn’t over yet. They’re 2-0-1 at this point, which is good. It’s the best you can hope for a this point. But now they’re going into a really hard stretch against the Chiefs, Packers and Vikings, who are a combined 8-1 so far.

If the Lions can win two of these games before they go into a stretch against the Giants, Raiders and Bears, you might be looking at a team that’s capable of more than any of us thought they could be. Next Sunday, the Lions are hosting the 3-0 Chiefs. I, for one, am completely terrified.

But hey, we still have a week to enjoy the Lions victory. So let’s start now. Let’s go shopping!!!!