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Detroit Lions Week 3 Song of the Game: ‘Dancing on a Minefield’ by Running Wild

What, were you expecting Molly Hatchet?

Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Lions are undefeated. This statement reels in reality, straining against what is possible and likely. But what is likely is not what is, and what is happens to contribute to the Lions holding a 2-0-1 record.

The question then comes to be, “who is responsible for this monstrosity?” To that end, there is no clear culprit, no answer to give. There’s multiple attack vectors here, but the truth remains and Lions fans are cleared to celebrate for the moment, at least until another Sunday puts it all on the line.

Let this not be a negative qualifier. You win games in the NFL, not polls. In spite of late game blunders, fear-wracking final drives and sloppy plays, the Lions have held on. They survive, advance, remain the last man standing, so on and on.

But good balls, folks, it wasn’t a pretty process.

Lions - Eagles Week 3 Song of the Game: “Dancing on a Minefield” by Running Wild

Are the Lions playing with fire? Absolutely. At some point, play like they have had will get them burned. You can only squat on a slight lead so many times before you bend too far and break too hard. You can only have so many offensive drives that rely on ineffective runs before a greater beast chews you up. Mistakes can be taken advantage of, righteously and with great pain.

Can they change things and look more solid in the next few weeks? Sure, why not? But until they do, it looks like they’re trying to get into some serious trouble dancing around mines.

Full disclosure, I used to run a heavy metal radio show in college so of course this was on my radar. Running Wild is a very curious German metal band, one that never really got the memo in the 90s that their style was already out the door for a minute. In reaction, Running Wild did come up with one of the more bizarre twists of the now-bloated genre, creating “pirate metal” as they churned out themed album after themed album, a theme that would be taken by bands like Alestorm and swiftly beaten to death via kitsch 15 years later.

Somehow, “Dancing on a Minefield” survived this fate on an album called “Black Hand Inn,” all about pirates and time travel and prophecy and, uh, space dragons. The song itself is more Megadeth than any of that, but really there was just no need to invoke Molly Hatchet here to warn others how haphazard these games have been.

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