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Tuesday open thread: What do the Lions need to do to win you over?

They’re undefeated through three games, but some aren’t convinced.

Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Take inventory of yourself four weeks ago. Had someone from today come to this you from four weeks ago with the news of the Detroit Lions being undefeated through the first three weeks of their season, how would you react?

Skeptical? Bewildered? Pinch yourself?

We’re here. The Lions are 2-0-1 and one date with the Kansas City Chiefs away from their very early bye week. The proposition of Detroit being without a blemish err... a loss... is something not even the fan you found bathing in the Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid could have ever been truly prepared for.

But not everyone is bought in, and that includes me.

In yesterday’s open thread, our resident Canuck and genuinely good dude John Whiticar asked if you felt better, worse, or the same after the Lions victory over the Eagles on Sunday. 23 percent of voters said the same, and 60 percent of voters said they felt “[A] little better.”

Remember the you from four weeks ago finding out the Lions will be undefeated after three weeks? As always, context matters. Which leads us to today’s Question of the Day...

What do the Lions need to do to win you over?

After nearly giving away Week 3’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles in a similar fashion to the way Detroit nearly saddled their record with a loss in Week 1 to the Arizona Cardinals, this team isn’t changing. The coaching staff for this football team is going to erode my nerves over the course of this season should the Lions continue to take leads into the fourth quarter and run-run-pass it until the clock hits zero—or the other team snatches victory from the most ultra-conservative approach to protecting a lead I’ve ever seen in my football-watching years.

So truthfully, I’m very much in the same camp as our fearless leader when it comes to this coaching staff’s approach to playing with a lead: It’s terrible, and it will not change for as long as Matt Patricia is the team’s head coach.

And in order to win me over, in order to get me to buy-in to this football team the way one should for an undefeated team, it’s going to require some philosophical changes to their coaching—and I just don’t see it happening.

The good news is that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are coming to town, so we won’t have to see the Lions play with a lead from the start of the fourth quarter!

Your turn.