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Ask a Detroit Lion: T.J. Hockenson, Jahlani Tavai edition

Want to ask a Lions rookie a question? Now is your chance!

Detroit Lions v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Have you ever wanted the chance to ask a Detroit Lions player a question? Well, now we’re giving you the opportunity.

Seeing as the Pride of Detroit community played a big part in this site getting credentialed, I figured it was time for you all to share in some of the rewards. We have locker room access on a daily basis, and there is no point in having that go to waste.

So we’re going to try to do a weekly feature where we’ll interview a Lions player with the best fan-submitted questions from you. I’d like to keep this somewhat light-hearted, but don’t be afraid to ask some football questions, too.

Ideally, I’ll take the best questions in the comment section, and interview the player later in the week. Because specific player availability is not guaranteed, we’ll ask for two players at a time, and hopefully we’ll be able to interview at least one of them on Thursday or Friday. (I’m aiming for the answers to be posted on Saturdays.)

This week, we’re going to start with two of the newest and most notable Detroit Lions: first and second-round picks T.J. Hockenson and Jahlani Tavai.

How to participate

  • Give us your best question in the comment section below. Be sure to indicate which player you want me to ask that question (it can be both).
  • Vote on the best questions by giving a comment a “rec”
  • Please try to keep the questions somewhat light

That’s it!

So send your questions for Hockenson and Tavai now!

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