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Lions-Chiefs preview podcast: How to stop Patrick Mahomes

We try to get the secret to stopping slowing Patrick Mahomes from the KC perspective.

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Baltimore Ravens vs Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

In order to defeat your enemy, you must learn everything about them. Even when it looks like everything is stacked against you, knowledge is power and even the slightest bit of info could be the edge you need to pull off, say, a seven-point upset at home to move to 3-0-1. Okay, I got a little specific there.

In an effort to get that competitive edge, First Byte this week features one of our friends from Kansas City Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride to give us all of their secrets and voodoo magic surrounding Patrick Mahomes and that spine-tingling offense.

Ron Kopp is our guest this week, as we discuss the Chiefs’ surprisingly eventful offseason, their extremely vulnerable defense, and whether the Detroit Lions could keep up with the Chiefs in a shootout.

As always, we make sure our First Byte podcast is nice and short, so you can listen to the entire thing on a commute or during a workout or while waiting in the doctor’s office. It is illegal to listen to it in any other setting, though. Your phone is tracking your location, so we’ll know if you’re in violation of Code 45725-C.

This week on First Byte:

  • The Chiefs overhauled their defense, but is it any better? What are the cornerstones? Who are the key leaders with Eric Berry gone?
  • How is it possible that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense is better this year? PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS.
  • The Chiefs left tackle Eric Fisher probably won’t play. Can the Lions take advantage?
  • Can the AFC Championship Game provide any clarity on how a Patriots-style defense can stop Patrick Mahomes?
  • The gang makes their predictions, and one even kinda, sorta predicts a Lions win.

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