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The Rowe Report: Not so sunny in Philadelphia, can the Lions find a way to beat the Kansas City Chiefs?

After a stressful afternoon in Philly, the Lions will meet the explosive Kansas City Chiefs this coming Sunday.

Two, oh and one! Two, oh and one!

The Detroit Lions took down the admittedly banged up Philadelphia Eagles on the road last Sunday, 27-24. But the Kansas City Chiefs are heading to Ford Field this coming Sunday. Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes is leading the league in passing yards at 1,195 and 10 touchdowns. With the possibility of playing without cornerback Darius Slay looming, how can the Lions hold onto their undefeated record?

In this week’s Rowe Report:

  • Highlights galore
  • The last time the Lions scored a kickoff return touchdown
  • Disrespekt from national sports media power rankings
  • Chiefs preview, including a possible strategy to walk away with a win

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Kellie Rowe is a contributor from Fox 2 News.