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Saturday open thread: Who is the key to defeating the Chiefs?

It all comes down to this one guy.

Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Greatest Show is coming to Turf. It seems like Patrick Mahomes didn’t get the memo on Madden curses as he’s poised to somehow have a better season than last year. Or maybe the curse has affected him and if he wasn’t on the cover he’d already have 30 TDs and 3000 yards after three games. In any event, the Lions have a tough task ahead of them. If they play similar to the first three weeks it’s going to get ugly.

That said they do have a formula. From their game versus the Rams last year to Lions East’s (New England) performance in the Super Bowl, clock control through the ground game will hamper a high octane offense. On the one hand, it fits in that Kansas City has been bad at stopping the run. On the other, Detroit has been a huge disappointment running the ball. So who is the key to potentially stopping the Chiefs?

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Hello Mr. Bevell. It’s imperative that the Lions get creative with not only the run, but also the short passing/screen game. Despite our beloved Jeremy Reisman hating screen passes, it’s a must vs. Kansas City. It’s also time to figure out what works and what doesn’t with our run game.

It appears that our interior offensive line is finally in sync. Frank Ragnow, Graham Glasgow and Joe Dahl all rank in or near the top-10 according to PFF at their position. Some of the major lapses in run blocking have come from the edges. TJ Hockenson has looked like a rookie in this department. Inconsistent. The tackles have been up and down also. Time to run up the gut. A consistent three-to-four yards up the gut will do wonders vs the Chiefs. We can’t afford too many second- or third-and-longs.

Getting Kerryon, JD, and Ty Johnson involved with some delayed plays will help as well; draws and screens. This will rely on some help from the tackles and TEs more than they’ve been doing, but you can’t abandon outside looks completely. Speaking of such, let’s also give Ty Johnson a couple of plays where the ball is pitched to him in space. He has ridiculous 4.3 speed. Use it.

It’s a tough task coming up this Sunday. But controlling the clock (which is a fundamental approach Patricia implores anyway) will go a long way towards getting the biggest win of the year. It’s going to be a tight race within our division. Keep in mind one of the first tiebreakers is record vs. common opponents. Wins over the Chargers, Eagles AND Chiefs could be the difference in making the postseason or not. So let’s hear it, who are you tagging as the most important player (or person) on the Lions as they try to slay he beasts?