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Sunday open thread: Will the Lions run the ball effectively against the Chiefs?

It’s time to pound the rock.

Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Through three games this season, the Detroit Lions are averaging 3.4 yards per carry as a team, and their lead running back, Kerryon Johnson, has a paltry 2.6 YPC himself. It’s not all his fault, though, as the offensive line is mostly to blame for the team’s failures running the football. We’ve heard all week that the team is just one player away from breaking out in the run game, but that’s all just talk to me. It’s time to let go of the excuses and just execute.

The Chiefs are the perfect team to spark the run game. Yeah, it’d be nice to face a lesser team overall, but defensively, Kansas City is allowing 137.7 rushing yards per game on 6.2 yards per carry. That’s not very good. So if the Lions come out flat running the ball against KC, then they may continue to struggle for the rest of the year. It’s now or never.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Will the Lions run the ball effectively against the Chiefs?

My answer: I think this will be the week that we see the Lions finally open up some holes consistently and have their running backs spring through for some big runs. We already talked about the Chiefs’ struggles to stop the run, and it’s important for the Lions to run the ball well to drain some clock and keep Patrick Mahomes off the field.

It would also take a big load off of Matthew Stafford’s shoulders (or hip, in this case). We can only hope that Stafford looks like the same guy that’s been under center the first three weeks, because he’s been great so far.

I’m predicting another 100-yard rushing performance on Kerryon Johnson’s resume, and perhaps a couple of big runs for Ty Johnson, who could break out at any moment. The Lions are going to need all the fire power they have offensively to keep up with the Chiefs, and I think they’ve got a shot at it.

Your turn.