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Watch the Pride Of Detroit PODcast Live on Twitch Sunday at 8 pm ET

We’re doing it again.

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Los Angeles Chargers v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

We’re live and active after another Lions game, and while this one wasn’t a victory by any means, there’s plenty of juicy goodness and juicy football to dig into here and rummage around and just have fun.

Sunday night at 8 pm ET we’ll be back on the digital airwaves through our Twitch channel to bring you a live version of the Pride Of Detroit PODcast, award-winning at least in our heads, and all the Lions news that’s fit to plunder. During the show you’ll get behind-the-scenes looks into the workings of PODcast, plus exclusive Twitch chat banter and interaction.

If you join our chat, you’ll also be part of our mailbag segment, where we take questions from our listening audience.

Join the Twitch channel here.

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