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Quandre Diggs on being named Lions captain: It’s a blessing to have this opportunity

The Lions safety is ready to take on Glover Quin’s former role.

NFL: New York Jets at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

At this time last year, Quandre Diggs was being congratulated for his first NFL contract extension, earning himself a cool $20.4 million over next three years. He called the moment a “blessing” coming into the league as a sixth-round pick and working his way to that point.

Almost exactly a year later, Diggs was standing in the same spot in the locker room taking in his latest accomplishment in the league: Being named captain of the Detroit Lions.

“It’s a blessing, man,” Diggs repeated. “Like I’ve said, I’m a small-town kid from Angleton, Texas, so for me, to be a captain of an NFL team, it’s something that you always think about. You see your friends around the league, those guys get chosen captain, and it’s something that you think about a little bit in the back of your head. But it’s here and I appreciate my teammates for giving me the opportunity to be the captain of the team this year and it comes with a lot of responsibility.”

Diggs was one of seven Lions players to be named captain after the team voted for annual selections. Diggs was one of three players named as first-time captains of the Lions (Taylor Decker, Danny Amendola). For Diggs, that respect from his teammates means everything.

“It’s always good to get that recognition from your teammates, the respect from your teammates, and that’s what I’ve always been about,” Diggs said. “I step in this locker room every day, and I just want to earn the respect of my teammates and just let them know that I’m going to be out here, I’m going to be ready to go. I’m trying to practice every day, I’m trying to play every snap for those guys. That’s what’s important to me.”

Last year, it was Glover Quin who acted as the voice and leader of the Lions secondary. But after Quin’s release this offseason and subsequent retirement, that role was ready to be filled. In an offseason interview on The Pride Podcast, Quin said he felt like he was passing the torch to Diggs. Now that the metaphor has become a reality, does Diggs feel the same?

“I guess you could say that, but me and GQ are two different people,” he said. “That’s my mentor, my OG always. I always bounce ideas off him no matter what. It’s a blessing to have this opportunity and it’ll be cool to have another guy in the secondary that’s a team captain.”