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Notes: Enjoying the Chicago Bears’ flat debut vs. the Green Bay Packers

In case you missed Thursday Night Football, we are here for you.

Green Bay at Chicago John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Last night, the defending NFC North champion Chicago Bears hosted the Green Bay Packers to kick off the season in style. In case you missed the game, we at Pride of Detroit want to ensure nobody missed out on the explosion of joy experienced during the magnificent start to the Bears’ division title defense.

Chicago’s defense was actually quite good in their 10-3 loss at Soldier Field. Tallying five sacks on Aaron Rodgers and allowing just 47 yards rushing, the home team did a great job against the new offense rolled out by Green Bay coaches Matt LaFleur and Nathaniel Hackett. Unfortunately on the other side of the ball, the visiting team’s Mike Daniels-less pass rush somehow also sacked Mitchell Trubisky five times (one of which was on fourth down on the last drive of the fourth quarter to essentially end the game), and the Chicago offense managed to get itself into a first-and-40 while trying to mount a late-game comeback:

The Bears eventually drove deep into Packers territory near the two-minute warning to potentially tie the game, but safety Adrian Amos (formerly of the Bears) came up with a superb interception in the end zone to squash the comeback.

Now, it is tough to be pleased about any win for the Packers, but at least we got this money quote from cornerback Tramon Williams:

This has been your early Week 1 NFC North standings update. We now return to today’s regularly scheduled Notes:

  • From the touchdown helmet taps to Fortnite, Pride of Detroit loves Graham Glasgow. You should, too, and Kyle Meinke at has a great article detailing why that is the case:

  • Hrm. Great work charting all this by @RNBWCV, but just... hrm.

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