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The Rowe Report: Which Detroit Lions preseason predictions turned out to be true?

Now that the season’s here, what preseason takeaways should we pay attention to? I took a look at how the past few years turned out.

Training camp is done. Preseason games are over. It’s showtime.

Whether it’s a sexy diving catch from a promising new rookie receiver or a badly needed offseason acquisition expected to raise up a position group, the very beginning of training camp games bring promise, expectations, dreams and aspirations.

Then as training camp and preseason progresses, a player might look really good. A play might look really bad. But did that end up being the case for them during the regular season?

I took a look at some of the stars, duds and position battles of training camp the last few years to see whether or not what we saw during preseason ended up coming true.

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Kellie Rowe is a contributor from Fox 2 News.