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Notes: Detroit Lions have longest odds to win 2021 Super Bowl

Pride of Detroit does not advocate gambling on the Detroit Lions... ever.

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just over two weeks away from Super Bowl LIV, but for 28 teams—including the Detroit Lions—focus is on Super Bowl LV. Fan bases around the world are in “next year is our year” mode, and so Vegas, in order to fill the insatiable needs of sports bettors around the world, already has odds for the 2021 Super Bowl.

It should come as no surprise that gives the Detroit Lions the longest odds to win the Super Bowl, currently set at 100-to-1. They aren’t alone at the bottom, with the Bengals, Dolphins and Washington all sharing those same odds.

Since the Lions finished with the third-worst record in the NFL, this is more than reasonable, but it’s also a sign of regression. At this point last year, the Lions had 66-to-1 odds.

History has been tough to the Lions, so I wouldn’t suggest throwing down any money on them at the moment, but if you’ve got the itch, you literally won’t find any bigger payout in the NFL.

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