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3 biggest offseason decisions facing the Detroit Lions

The PODcast crew identifies the Lions’ biggest decisions facing the franchise.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Last Monday, Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn took the podium for the first time since draft weekend. Fans looking for guidance and hope for the future of the franchise were likely left a little discombobulated after Quinn’s 40 minute session.

Quinn didn’t seem to have a clear answer for what went wrong in 2019, and his optimistic outlook was hard to share given his weak examples.

This week on the PODcast, we break down Quinn’s presser and try to figure out just what exactly he was talking about.

Then, we play general manager and look at the three biggest decisions facing the Detroit Lions this offseason. How will the Lions turn things around? What exactly do the Lions need to accomplish to make a 3-12-1 team suddenly a contender?

To finish out the podcast, we take your questions, talk about the NFL Wild Card games and try to figure out how to end the show without an established sign-off.

This week on the PODcast

  • Bob Quinn said a lot of things, but was any of it worthwhile?
  • It’s okay to blame injuries, Bob, just don’t blame them for everything. And certainly don’t say you aren’t going to blame them when you fully intend to.
  • Where is this foundation the Lions claim to have?
  • Breaking down the Lions’ top three offseason decisions: Can the Lions keep their offensive line together? And what does the future of Jarrad Davis hold?
  • Mailbag tackles our favorite moments from Wild Card weekend, exposes our lack of movie knowledge, and places bets on the Lions’ third overall pick.
  • Jeremy doesn’t know how to end a podcast.

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