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Wednesday open thread: Which Lions game was the most fun this season?

The season went awry by its midway point, but let’s focus on the positives.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Lions had a tumultuous season and thanks in no small part to recency bias (and the fact that the Lions won only three games) we’ll likely only remember the parts that hurt. If we take a look back, however, there were certainly times where the season was fun.

Today’s Question of the Day: Which Lions game was the most fun this season?

My answer: Lions vs. Chiefs.

The Lions were sitting pretty at an undefeated 2-0-1, and a top AFC contender was coming to town. The Lions put up a valiant fight—not only were they a single play from winning it, but based on how the majority of the game went, you could make an argument that they were the better team that day. Simply contending against what looked to be a titan of a team was a good time for fans.

Even after the loss, fans felt better about how the team was trending. Not to mention, it was a signature big game for the Lions, because fans can argue they got screwed by the refs—it wouldn’t be a Lions game without it.

Your turn.

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