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Saturday open thread: Which Week 5 game will you be watching?

A look at three of the most entertaining matchups of the week.

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions have a week off, which feels like a bit of early relief in a season that has already caused some much stress and anger. Not only are the Lions looking unimproved from Matt Patricia’s previous two seasons, but the rest of the NFC North looks like they’ve figured things out. The Packers are 4-0, the Bears are 4-1, and while the Vikings are just 1-3, they’ve looked better as each week has gone on. The Lions, meanwhile, look like they’re doomed to stay in last forever.

But rather than wallow around in my own pity for Week 5, I plan on just enjoying the NFL for what it is: an awesome spectacle of athleticism and strategy. There are some great stories going on in the league right now, and some entertaining football. And with no writing duties, I’m going to take the time off to enjoy some good football.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which Week 5 games will you be watching?

My answer: I’m looking forward to three:

No. 1 on the list is Bills vs. Titans. Obviously, that game remains hanging in the balance depending on how Tennessee’s COVID-19 situation pans out. As of now, the game is scheduled for Tuesday. Hopefully we can get there, because both teams are undefeated, and I really want to check out the Bills to see if they’re real.

I also wanted to see Vikings vs. Seahawks. Even though I have little faith the Lions will compete in the division, I feel a compulsion to watch NFC North games. If I get to see the Seahawks kick some Vikings butt, that’s just an added little treat. Plus, watching Russell Wilson play is always an honor.

Finally, Chiefs vs. Raiders may be the best game on Sunday. The Raiders are 2-2, but their losses came to the Patriots and Bills. They could very well be an AFC contender this year, but they’ll have to show they can hang with the best of the best. I think Las Vegas will surprise some teams this year, but their performance in Week 5 may be very telling.

Your turn.

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