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Bye Week Madden Simulation: Can the Detroit Lions just win a game?

Can we at least win a virtual game?

I’m so tired of losing.

The Detroit Lions have lost 14 of their past 16 games, and while they finally got off their double-digit skid a couple of weeks ago in Arizona, that relief was short-lived. The Lions traveled back home the next week and got humbled by a broken-down New Orleans Saints team.

Our spirits haven’t even been saved by our weekly Madden Simulations. Last week was the closest we got to a virtual win, as the Lions took the lead late against the Saints. But Drew Brees and the virtual New Orleans offense drove down the field for a last-minute touchdown that sealed the virtual Lions’ winless streak to the bye week.

It’s the bye week, and while some may use that opportunity to take a break from the Lions and losing, I will do no such thing. Each week is a new opportunity, and this week we’re going to end this winless drought.

We’re going to pit the virtual Detroit Lions against the worst team in Madden: The New York Jets. The Lions have an overall 80 rating. The Jets are a 72. We’re going to make the Lions full health, and we may even mess with the Jets to make them even worse.

We just need to see a Lions win to boost morale, even if it’s not the real team and we stack the deck in their favor. And what better team to start with than the AFC foe that sent this Matt Patricia team on a spiral from Week 1?

So come join us at 10:30 a.m. ET Saturday morning on our Twitch channel, as we watch some fake Lions take on the fake Jets as I answer some of your questions.

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