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Detroit Lions quarterly review shows urgent need for a shake-up, possible defenestration

Big Drew joins the PODcast squad to discuss a very busy bye week.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The bye week is supposed to be time off—not just for players, but for fans too. Mental exhaustion following a cratering team can leave its tole, so it’s best to take the time to go hug your dog, kids, rare priceless art, that monkey paw you got from...somewhere.

But that didn’t quite happen, did it? Lions fans watched as first the Houston Texans, and then the Atlanta Falcons, fired their head coaches, which injected plenty of hope that there might be a similar coup in Detroit. Meanwhile, Dak Prescott goes down with a horrific injury, and the imaginary trade value on Dallas-born Matthew Stafford starts to speculate upward, owing in large part to the mercurial movements of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

To break this all down, plus deliver our quarterly reports on the Lions (it’s not good, but you knew that already didn’t you?) we invited Big Drew from the Big Drew and Jim Show, ESPN 96.1 (WMAX-FM Grand Rapids, MI), to join our council. He’s heard plenty of calls from Lions fans in the past weeks to these subjects, and he’s got his own opinions on the matter too.

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