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Interview: Lions beat writer Ben Raven talks his wrestling career, getting kicked out of Canada

Get to know MLive’s Ben Raven.

Boy do we have a great episode of Man Coverage for you this week. We’ve got MLive’s Ben Raven on to talk and get ready for some wrestling content. Both Raven and Mike tell us about their time in the pro wrestling business, the times both of them got kicked out of Canada and their dreams of having basketball career and realizing they were both too fat and not good enough to make those dreams come true.

Ben also talks about what’s happening with the Lions and what the future could hold for Detroit on what looks like a favorable stretch in their schedule. We also give our too early midseason final record projections and trust me, you’re not going to like them.

The other thing you won’t like is Raven’s pizza topping selection in the lighting round. They’re probably worse than Jeremy Reisman’s. Raven also gets a few bonus questions and handle the big question like a champ. Tune in!

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