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Matthew Stafford has now thrown a touchdown pass against every NFL team

The Jaguars were the only team left on Stafford’s ls

NFL: Detroit Lions at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stafford’s third quarter touchdown pass against the Jacksonville Jaguars, not only extended the team’s lead to 21 points, but also completed a personal mark for the veteran quarterback. Stafford has now thrown a touchdown pass against all 31 NFL teams other than the Lions.

This is the quarterback’s third-career game against the Jaguars, though he finished each of the previous two without a touchdown to his name.

Stafford has thrown 265 career touchdown passes.

The Detroit Lions lead by three possessions mid-way through the third quarter of their Week 6 contest. A win would be their second of the season, and the first game of the year where they held a double-digit lead at some point and did not lose. They blew double digit leads in all three of their previous losses this season

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