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NFL Week 7 preview podcast: The Atlanta Falcons are the Detroit Lions’ doppelganger

The similarities are amazing.

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Jokes have been made over the past couple of weeks that the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons are essentially the same team. Most of those comments sprout from the fact that both teams have a strangely common tendency to blow big leads in games.

But as we found out on today’s “First Byte” preview podcast, the similarities between these two teams go much, much deeper. From their near-elite quarterbacks never getting the respect they deserve, to their failure to get consistent pressure, to their overall city’s heartbreaking relationship with sports, we should feel a strong kinship to our Atlanta brothers and sister.

However, not this week. To help break us down the Lions Week 7 matchup with the Falcons, we got our good friend Jeanna Thomas from SB Nation and The Falcoholic. She let us know the latest on the Falcons after the team blew everything up midseason, what to expect from a still-injured Julio Jones, and how the Lions may take advantage of their beaten up secondary.

Will the Lions get themselves into a shootout? Will they continue to try and the run the ball—and can they succeed at it this week? And most importantly, who wins?

We answer all of that and much, much more on this episode of the PODcast.

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