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Jekyll and Hyde day for the Lions becomes more Jekyll in the end

Gifts, blunders, heroics and a good heaping of hectic heckin’ as the Lions take down the Falcons.

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s been a good 13 months since the Lions last had back-to-back wins, and it feels pretty good. You should likely forget what happened after those previous wins last year.

Improbable fashion marks the day for the Lions, and that’s always great because it makes for a fun football game, which is better than the alternative. In the end, defeating the Falcons was a frustrating affair and there’s plenty of reasons for doubt and criticism for many elements of this team (especially the offense) but you can pin the ending up as the good and proper element required to make it all worth it.

The Lions won, we got to play more “Africa” and we recorded a PODcast to discuss every aspect of the game. This one is less id as it was super-ego—a product of our separate post-game shows, which you can watch on our Twitch channel, but still plenty of raving lunatic animal brain chunks made it in.

The three of us—myself, Jeremy Reisman and Ryan Mathews—have our key takeaways, players we’ve put in the penthouse and doghouse respectively, and a view on the defense and the road ahead for the Lions now that they’ve staggered back to .500. Plenty to talk about. You know the drill.

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Thank you for being with us for our fifth season of PODcast.

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