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New Detroit Lions t shirt: Let Staff Cook

Matthew Stafford is back, and it’s time to let the coaching staff know.

For the Seattle Seahawks, fans—especially those analytically inclined—were starting to grow frustrated with the use of their franchise quarterback Russell Wilson. Despite having one of the best in the game, the Seahawks frustratingly focused on the run far too often on early downs, taking the ball out of their best players’ hands.

So fans adopted the phrase “Let Russ Cook.” And lo and behold, it appears to have worked. The Seahawks are 5-1, third in the NFL in scoring, and Russell Wilson is in the MVP conversation, and it’s all because Seattle finally listened and are now in the top 10 in first-down passing percentage.

The Detroit Lions are currently 21st in that metric, throwing the ball just 58.5% of the time on first down. But if Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons was any indication, the Lions are doing the same disservice to Matthew Stafford that the Seahawks were doing to Wilson. For the first three quarters of that game, the Lions focused on their inefficient running game and it resulted in just 16 points through 58 minutes.

Then they put the ball in Stafford’s hands, and guess what happened?

So, you know what? Let’s take a book out of Seattle fans’ playbook, and put a little heat on the coaching staff.

It’s time to Let Staff Cook:

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Introducing the latest shirt from Pride of Detroit in collaboration with our friends at Breaking T.

We all know what Stafford can do with the ball in his hands. Hell, we saw it as recent as last year. Sure, we know the importance of a running game, but Detroit has all of these receiving weapons and a franchise quarterback to utilize them.




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