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The Todd Gurley blunder is the gift that keeps on giving

The on-field audio, video and photography of this moment is just *chef kiss*.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The moment Todd Gurley accidentally fell into the end zone on Sunday afternoon—giving the Lions one more unearned chance to win the game—immediately felt like it was going to quickly become a moment in Atlanta Falcons infamy. Thanks to Matthew Stafford, the ensuing 75-yard touchdown drive and subsequent Matt Prater extra point, the Detroit Lions ensured of it.

That mistake pushed the Lions to 3-3 on the season, keeping their hopes of making this a playoff-bound year alive. It dropped the Falcons to a hopeless 1-6 record.

But the moment also provided us much more than that. Even though something similar happened to Penn State less than 24-hours prior to Gurley’s mistake, this was still a remarkably unique scene. You had Detroit Lions defenders raising their arms in celebration of a touchdown scored against themselves, resulting in this remarkable photo:

But then the All-22 came out, and it turns out Detroit Lions players weren’t the only one celebrating a touchdown. A few Falcons joined in on the fun, creating one of the most bizarre scenes you’ll see on a football field: Both teams celebrating a touchdown.

But we aren’t done with this moment yet.

Inside the NFL provided a mic’d up portion of the game, and it clearly shows Matt Ryan telling Todd Gurley, “DON’T SCORE.”

Now, to be fair to Gurley, this audio clip had to have come from the previous third-and-1 play. The play Gurley scored on was a first-and-goal, so there was no opportunity to gain a first down, as Ryan said, then go down. The Falcons running back confirmed this after the game.

“Yeah, we talked about it in the huddle, probably a couple plays prior to that,” Gurley said.


Because the Detroit Lions released their “Sights and Sounds” video, featuring new angles and on-field audio from Sunday’s game. And, oh man, it shows a hilarious moment just after Gurley crosses the goal line.

In case you’re wondering, that’s the supportive hand of Jamie Collins Sr. patting Gurley on the back, and Jalen Reeves-Maybin’s index finger helpfully pointing out that the ball had, indeed, crossed the goal line.

Thank you, Todd Gurley. On behalf of Detroit Lions fans everywhere, I appreciate this endless gift you have bestowed upon us.

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