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Interview: Mike Tanier talks football analytics, Detroit Lions projections

Get to know Mike Tanier.

All Sports Covers - Statistics - August 26, 2005 Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

We’re doing things a little different on this week’s Man Coverage podcast. This week we brought in a national writer. Mike Tanier of Pro Football Network and the New York Times talks the importance of math and analytics in football, where football media is potentially heading in the future, shares stories about watching film with Ron Jaworski and his talks about his personal past as a teacher.

Mike also gives his thoughts on the Detroit Lions’ crazy win over the Falcons, whether or not he believes in the Lions, what teams he thinks are the real deal and his midseason picks for the Super Bowl. You’re not gonna like that part, Lions fans.

In the lighting round we find out if the pineapple on pizza issue continues, which boy bands Mike has never heard of, his thoughts on quarterback wins and once again, Matthew Stafford going into the Hall of Fame came up.

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